Pollution is Poison Nowadays, air pollution is one of the biggest menaces from which mankind is suffering and it is affecting our health adversely. Pollutants in the smoke enter our lungs and stimulate multiple chemical reactions there and hence our bodies bear the brunt of it. Particulate matter less than 2.5 microns in size is the most dangerous air pollutant and is also referred to as PM 2.5 There are many sources of air pollutants most common of which are listed below: 1. Dust and Construction – 73% 2. Waste burning (Prali) – 17% 3. Transport – 17% 4. Diesel generator – 09% 5. Industries – 08% 6. Domestic Cooking – 07% These activities generate particulate matter , more precisely PM 2.5 which on entering the blood stream causes harm to the body and leads to multiple diseases. Most common diseases related to smoke, pollution and PM 2.5 are: 1. Asthma & Breathlessness – 57% 2. TB – 24% 3. General Health Problem – 17% 4. Skin Infections – 14% 5. Eye Problems- 12% 6. Cancer – 12% In the month of October and November, Biomass of crop residue (Prali) is one of the major cause of air pollution in India. Crop residue term is used for the biomass produced as a by-product from harvesting and processing of agricultural crops. Farmers burn the crop residues from their fields and as a result of air pollution level increases significantly in these months. Pollutants contain heavy metals like Potassium Chlorate, Sulphur, Arsenic Sulphite, Aluminium and Copper which spread in the air and when fog sets in the months of December and January, these particles form SMOG ( Smoke + Fog). Smog is very detrimental to our health and is one of the main causes of increased diseases during winter months. Here are Few Tips which will Help you remain Healthy during this period:- 1. If you are suffering from medical conditions like asthma or allergic bronchitis , then stay away from places where the concentration of fumes from burning is at the highest. Its better to stay indoors if pollution levels are very high . 2. Stop smoking.It will keep your lungs healthy so that they can fight the ill effects of air pollution. Both active as well as passive smoking should be avoided. 3. Avoid burning wood or Chulha as it causes additional pollution 4. Consider wearing a mask if the level of air pollution is very high and you need to still go outside. 5. Keep yourself healthy overall by doing regular exercises and eating healthy so that your body can bear the brunt of day to day pollution 6. If you are suffering from asthma or bronchitis, always keep your inhalers with you as your disease may precipitate any time due to pollution and you might require them frequently and as an emergency measure BE VIGILANT, BE HEALTHY