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Tips to ensure balanced mental and physical health

With all the possible information, Corona pandemic is the most trending topic all over and destruction caused by it to the mankind regarding physical, mental and social health will take much of the time to recover if we’ll not cooperate, not with someone else, but with own selves.
Many people are assuming the step taken by the government regarding lockdown as burden. We agree that it is causing severe financial losses, but these loses are not just affecting any one section of the society, but is affecting the entire society up to greater extent. So don’t burden yourself that you are the only one facing it. The initiative of the government is not wrong anyway. It is designed for our safety and being a responsible citizen of the country it is our duty to support government for whatever it takes to fight this pandemic.
But what is our role?
Our role is to abide and follow the instructions mentioned by the government, but being at home doesn’t allow you to take your mental and physical health for granted. It is a fact that financial losses and other social disagreements is generating anxiety amongst people. Those who don’t do any physical exercise also by being at home are getting prone to develop major lifestyle disorders.
So there are some general instructions you can follow to keep up with your mental and physical health, so that you do not lag behind when the lockdown opens and there is no hurdle left for you to achieve your 2020 goals.
•    Take immunity modulators as suggested by the Ayush Ministry, as these will boost your immunity.
•    Add some physical activity to your routine. Do home workout regime and yoga to keep up with your body fitness because just eating and doing no physical work will make you prone to lifestyle disorders like obesity, diabetes, etc.
•    It is important to keep body hydrated. Being often at home, we forget and do not calculate the amount of water we drank throughout the day and how much we missed. Drinking enough of water also helps to combat anxiety. As adequate amount of water intake keeps our brain and body hydrated.
•    It is important for ladies to maintain their diet and stress levels as it can cause disturbance in their monthly menstrual cycle.
•    Eat food for nourishment and not for pleasure.
•    Work from home is a great idea. But compromising with sleep isn’t. Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep. It helps to keep your body all time ready and enhances your productivity.
•    Stress and anxiety can be well managed by doing meditations and Yoga.
•    This is the time that you can perform all those positive activities which you forgot and compromised with. This will help you to keep going through this quarantine and will make your inner self happy which is important to maintain mental health.
By following these simple steps you can easily manage your physical and mental health.
Stay fit, Stay healthy, and Stay home!