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COVID-19 Myths that You Should be Aware Of!

Entire world is battling with the renowned COVID-19 virus as of now. Many health workers and other public servants are rendering best of their services just for us to stay safe at our homes. But being at home, we also share some responsibility towards the society and its people.

Rumors which spread with incomplete and false knowledge of the subject can really prove to be toxic for society.

The pandemic COVID-19, which is spread all over the world, is not much researched disease so far. Therefore, it is important to understand some common rumors that are being circulated in the society through WhatsApp messages from one phone to another.

WHO has released some guidelines to make people aware of those common rumors which might act as a barrier to fight against this pandemic and enlighten people about the researched facts regarding this less studied disease.

•          Many doctors are claiming to cure COVID-19. Don’t trust them blindly. Trust only those health care institutions which are authorized by the government working on the disease specifically.

•          There is no medicine discovered yet that can cure COVID-19.

•          It is requested to people not to disturb their food habits by adding too much of pepper to their diet, if they have heard about a rumor that pepper prevents COVID-19. There is no such specific study which proves this.

•          COVID-19 mainly spreads when a healthy person comes in contact with the carrier of the disease. It is not transmitted through flies, mosquitoes or any other insect.

•          The only way to protect yourself is to maintain social distancing and maintaining Hygiene. Sprinkling deodorants or disinfectants on hands is not a solution anyway.

•          One must use alcohol based sanitizers to sanitize hands and not to drink alcohol for the prevention. Drinking methanol, ethanol or bleach can cause disabilities or death.

•          If you had come across any rumor that 5G Internet can prevent you from COVID-19. That’s absolutely a false rumor. Instead, it is recommended to download Arogaya Setu App.

•          High temperature kills Corona virus!!! It’s absolutely a false rumor. Neither high environmental temperature nor exposing yourself to sun kills the virus and so is applied for the warm water bath.

•          If you have successfully passed the 10 seconds breathe holding test against COVID-19. Don’t be under a myth that the virus cannot catch you. The major of the patients these days are asymptomatic.

•          Just like high temperature, cold temperature also has no effect on the virus.

•          Ultra violet lamps or thermal disinfectants must not be used to disinfect or dry the hands. Use of sanitizers for disinfecting the hands should be done with 70 to 80% of alcohol content.

•          Thermal scanners only detect fever not the presence of Corona virus.

•          No medication like that of malaria or any vaccine like that of pneumonia has any scientifically established proof against COVID-19.

•          People from all age group are susceptible to COVID-19. So, it is important to maintain immunity to stay protected from this virus.

Our motive is not to scare you or create panic against this pandemic. But the motive is to remove or rectify the misinformation that are being spread regarding COVID-19 pandemic. Being a health care worker and being a responsible citizen of this country, I request you to stay aware and stay away from such rumors. Follow all the safety guidelines that are issued by the government.

Stay home! Stay safe!