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Evolving Digital Literacy and Digital Technology

Digital Literacy

The moment you will raise your head, after looking into your phone, you’ll find majority of people around you are also have their heads down and eyes right into their phone.

Doubts these days are no more clarified by teachers in school. Today’s generation is fast and intelligent enough to look forward for the answers to all their doubts, by surfing on internet. And they’re not just limiting this ability to surf to themselves, but have also taught their parents to surf on internet and other digital platforms.

This ability of an individual to surf, recognize and evaluate from digital media or various digital platforms is called digital literacy. For some, being digitally literate dignifies as a symbol of status, but it is important to realize that how much important it is to be digitally literate and if you are literate enough, then are you using your knowledge wisely?

Being digitally literate is very important these days because it enables you to keep up with the current, fast moving world. It keeps you updated with minutest of information. Being digitally literate is not just about knowing how to use internet or it is not just about internet in specific, but it includes all the digital platforms in general.

 Digital literacy helps to generate awareness among people of the nation regarding any trending topic. In general, it is a medium that connects a large number of people and different section of diverse society at the same time. It helps an individual to rectify his doubt regarding any subject.

But wise use of this knowledge is equally important at times. At times, this platform is misused by disturbing elements of the society to generate panic and rumors amongst people.

Thus it is responsibility of an individual that they must learn to distinguish amongst the news they come across, that which information is worth believing and which is a mere rumor.


Digital Technology


The world is growing at very fast pace every minute and the medium of growth and catalyst to the pace is advanced technology.

In this pandemic, we are separated by distance yet united by digital media. Medical sciences were initially considered to be in Digital market only for their equipments and advanced technology to detect diseases but not in communication. But times have changed and so has advancement in the technology. The advancement is no more limited to an extent. We have grown ourselves so much so as to pay off our duties up to our best to serve the nation and its citizens no matter how the situation is!

In Holy Basil Mediclinic, We understand and pay regards to the precautionary guidelines that every individual must follow to keep themselves protected from the widespread pandemic. Thus, to cope up with the situation, we have introduced the concept of Online Consultation for our patients. Patients with basic health problems can very much contact us through Holy Basil App or through our website. Here you can avail treatment from specialized and experienced doctors.

Also, a number of patients are facing anxiety and mental trauma due to different reasons these days, so in order to keep them high with their spirits by being at home and staying safe, we offer Online Consultation with experienced Psychologist ensuring personalized attention and regular follow ups to keep you going with harder time because we understand that standing alone is difficult but together we can surpass this time.

Holy Basil Mediclinic is also authorized for COVID -19 testing for DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) and DG Shipping (Directorate General of Shipping)

Alongside our clinical availability, our pharmacy is very much active in fulfilling e-requirements of our local patients. Medicines of long term patients suffering with chronic illness like Diabetes are made available at doorstep on demand. Our testing laboratories are also active to keep patients updated with their health routine.


Digital advancement has played an important role to keep the work going, be it on social or personal front.

If you also want yourself to be made avail with treatment from specialized and highly experienced doctors, then you can easily contact us through our website or Holy Basil App available on Google Play Store.