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[Pre-employment medical examination is a final stage of the recruitment process that holds great importance for business and employees as the medical examination determine whether a prospective employee is capable of performing effectively under specific working conditions.]
Are you being called for a pre-employment medical check up? Firstly, congratulations to you if you are called for the same, because this is usually the last stage of the journey to reserve a seat at job desk but are you stressed about it? Don’t be! Here’s all that you need to know. Being medically fit completely, that is physically and mentally is blessing by almighty to any individual. But, even if you’re not are you scared to lose your job because of medical examination?  

Before all this, you need to know why every job place demands for pre-employment medical examination.

Here’s why employee’s health is foremost priority for any company!
Pre-employment medical examinations are not just taken for the sake of taking examination, but also act as a preface of the future employee to the recruiter ensuring the fact how healthy, stable and physically capable candidate is, to perform the task that the desired job demands for. Medical assessment not just opens up about physical fitness it also seeks mental fitness which enables the employee to take stress and pressure that job often carries with it as a gift. The assessment further aims to estimate the extremity and growth in work they can expect from the employee because unhealthy body often acts as hindrance, not just to the growth of the company but also to the individual growth. It aims to protect the employee if any occupational hazard is associated with the work that can harm the employee anyhow. It also aims to safeguard the recruiter from any future health related mishappening that might take place with the employee at work place. It is important to accept and understand that this health assessment is not just for the sake of one but for both, employer as well as employee.

After understanding why medical screening is a part of pre-employment assessment, there’s a common question that often hit young brains is that what these examinations consist of and are these examinations same for every job around. You can find answers to all your doubts in this blog. This medical examination is not a detailed check up of your body, but just a general one that focuses on normal functioning of body of an individual. It’s true that these medical investigations might vary from job to job seeking the specific minimum required physical eligibility access that a specific job demands for. Therefore, some specific and compulsory examinations are conducted in certain jobs.

Common pre-employment medical examination:

1.    CBC (Complete Blood Count)

•    What is CBC?
CBC is not a single test but is a set of test that includes the evaluation of RBCs (Red blood cells), WBCs (White blood cells), and Platelets which give a glance of health of an individual. This test also includes haemoglobin evaluation under the evaluation of RBCs, which generally depict the number of RBCs.

•    What does CBC indicate?  
CBC is usually done to diagnose infection, anaemia, leukaemia (blood cancer), inflammation, bleeding disorders etc.

2.    Blood Sugar Levels
This test is done to measure the amount of sugar or glucose in body of an individual.

Why blood sugar test is a part of medical examination?
It is done to diagnose if an individual is diabetic or not. If yes, then is the person diabetic or pre-diabetic. If diabetic then which type of diabetes it is. Is it type 1 or type 2?
All these information are taken into consideration because diabetes carries a number of side problems and a number of precautions with itself. Being diabetic can cause frequent headaches, blurred vision, disturbed concentration levels which can hamper the work efficiency of an individual.
This is also a point to note, that even being diabetic if the individual is managing his health well then such medical conditions do not act as a barrier.  

3.    LFT (Liver Function Test)
LFT is done to evaluate the proper functioning of liver as any damage done to liver come with signs of high blood pressure, headache, nausea, abdominal pain etc. It is to diagnose pre-existing diseases like Jaundice, Hepatitis B, and Liver Cirrhosis etc.

4.    ECG (Electrocardiogram)
ECG records the electrical activity of the heart which depicts the functioning of the heart. It confirms if the heart is strong enough or not to deal with pressures and stress at job desk. It is to safeguard the employee from any unwanted circumstances at work place which may tend to burden him mentally thus affecting his heart health.  

5.    Urine Test
Urine test is a major part of pre-employment medical screening. It is mainly done to identify if an individual has any addiction towards nicotine, marijuana, cocaine, alcohol or any other CNS depressants because such addictions can be responsible for unnecessary hassles in future and nuisance at workplace.  

6.    Pregnancy Test (applicable to female candidates only)
This is done to check whether the female employee is pregnant or not at the time of recruitment. This aims to estimate the consistency of the employee at work place because women entering motherhood often demand for maternity leave of about 6-12 months.  
Holy Basil Mediclinic established at Kharar in Chandigarh specializes in conducting various types of medical examinations in a patient centric environment which include:
•    Pre-employment Health Check up
•    Annual Health Check up
•    General Health Check up
•    DG Shipping Medical
•    DGCA Class 2 Medical
All medical examinations are undertaken with precision under the direction of fully qualified doctors.

Also, we are proud to share that our Mediclinic is approved for DG Shipping and DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) health screening. In these screenings, we include some job specific medical examinations like:

a)    Audiometry Test:
This test aims to investigate the hearing efficiency of the individual. This helps to reveal the maximum degree of sounds that an individual can tolerate up to and minimum sound that one can hear.  

b)    Spirometry Test:
It is done to screen any respiratory problem that an individual might face at work place. Thus, it mainly determines lung health.  
These pre-employment medical examination aims at preserving rights of both recruiter and employee. It is recommended not to hide any medical condition if entering new work area because by doing so you may expose yourself to a workspace that might turn disastrous for your health in near future.