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Impact of De-addiction Centres on De-Addiction

Drug is that negative aspect of our society that has always played a key role in letting our youth down in their personal as well as professional front. This in turn is a big blow to the national growth. It is contributing majorly to deplete the level of thinking and understanding of an individual. Drug has gradually become a sacred part of youth and youth culture. Reason why people seek to have drugs is their keenness to escape the reality and problems of world and look for a better life. They believe that drugs have got the capability to make them reach to a new pseudo high of their life where they find things according to their comfort, where they can easily fit in, they expect it to be their best escape to all the ongoing problems in life, to rebel for something they couldn’t rebel initially, to set self fee from boredom, etc. Those who are addicted to drugs can make you count a hundred of reasons to consume drugs. Those who chose drugs as a solution to their real problems are unaware of the fact that drug itself is a real problem with real side effects.

Usage of drugs these days is not just limited to partying, relaxing or having fun, but serve way deeper
purposes. People often consume it to enhance identity, increase acceptance towards self and reduce
psychological distress.   
What is drug addiction?
Drug addiction is a chronic, compulsive psychological need of having drugs in so high quantity that it ultimately tends to leave adverse effects on physical and mental activity of an individual. Drug has the power to generate so high interest that the person is repeatedly inclined towards its use, to gain the sense of pseudo relaxation attained after its use. Addiction is more like some chronic disease like heart disease. It may last for a short while if person has got the will to say NO or may last for lifelong if an individual couldn’t resist. Initially taking drug is an independent choice of an individual, but once addicted, then decision making ability of the person is badly impaired which ultimately make him fall into the vicious cycle of  imparting drugs to self. Drug addiction is considered to hamper normal judgmental, behavioural, decision making, memory, learning, reasoning and other psychological activities of an individual.  
Is it possible to quit drugs?
YES! You can readily quit drugs.
The addiction that drugs holds within have always tried to win over the will of an individual who consumes it. The person is bound to get rid of addiction if determination for quitting is strong. If you have choice, then be firm to say NO to drugs because your one NO can pave the way to a new, better and quality life. Influences are just to carry you along with them, but it should be you, who should hold those guts to refuse and rehabilitation centres play a key role in doing so.  
How do Drug de-addiction centres act?
Rehabilitation centres are basically residential set ups that aims at detoxicating the person inside out. They not only aim to set one free from addictions like alcohol or drugs but also help the individual to understand and realize how these addiction contributed to worsen their life, why they are here to set self free from drugs, to understand that how meaningful life can be and how they can again start their life from scratch in good and positive direction.
In rehabilitation centres, the brains are trained to give up maladaptive behavior and shift towards choosing healthy ways to cope up with addictive behavior, managing control over impulses, emotional regulation skills, adapt drug refusal strategies so as to avoid relapse in long run.   
There are a variety of rehab centres available. Some centres are specialized in making an individual de-addicted to some specific drugs, while some are age specific and some are gender specific also.  
If it is your first time to consider rehabilitation centre as a method to de-addict yourself, then getting scared and thinking too much about it is certainly natural, but congratulations, that you are trying to endure a quality life for yourself.

 Here are some myth busters regarding rehabilitation:

MYTH: People believe that rehabilitation centres are for high class or much privileged people.
REALITY: Rehabilitation centres are free from social scrutiny of being famous or rich. It is equally accessible to everyone.  

MYTH: Some believe that addicts are forced to be in centres for their treatment against their will.
REALITY: Every individual that reside in rehabilitation centres, live on their own terms without any compulsion to reside against their will. They are free to leave whenever they feel to do so. Major reason why rehab centres are effective in their approach is the wilfulness of an individual to set no bars of addiction to self. When a person is sure and conscious enough of setting self free from addiction, then person does not think of leaving the place until unless the target is achieved.  

MYTH: It is usually expected that those who are neglected by society, their own family and friends join rehab.
REALITY: Why to wait for such hard times to emerge on you when you can quit before. Why to be harsh on yourself. Anyone can join rehabilitation centre anytime before getting neglected by society, their own family and friend.

MYTH: Wondering how can you suddenly live without having drugs even once a day where you were addicted to have all day long.
REALITY: People working or volunteering at rehab are trained to convert addicts into de-addicts. De-addiction is not a single day phenomenon. It is a gradual process which may lasts from a few days to a few months. They often use some medicinal drugs like Buprenorphine, Methadone, Naltrexone, Anti-depressants etc. which gradually help to overcome drug abuse.

If you are still in dilemma that this treatment is for you or not, then you can always look out for benefits of investing this time and money for your better future. So yes, choosing de-addiction centres will be the best gift to yourself.