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It’s not just about you or me it’s about the entire world. The entire world is facing extremely hard times be it mentally, physically, socially or economically. This pandemic has undoubtedly brought a huge bag of side effects that each one us has to face either in near future or in present time, but apart from health another factor that is hitting the world hard is financial crisis. Government of all the countries including that of India, has played best of their parts to protect their people and have rendered best of their services to let not people belonging to lower class or below poverty line suffer much for food and other household, but ever since it’s been more than 9 months for the world to fight with this dread virus, even the banks got hit hard. No wonder why everyone is cursing 2020.

The step taken by the government to promote and implement social distancing, complete lockdown for months etc. to avoid the situation of community spread was taken well on time, but it led a huge number of  people run out of their jobs. Daily wage workers are most affected class amongst the same. A number of companies have given the pink slip to a number of employees because of the recruiter’s inability to pay them salaries under such hard times. Apart from this, farmers have also faced massive loss because of their inability to supply the fresh crop to the markets due to unavailability of supports like transport, buyers etc. A large sector of small scale business owners are also affected as all their plans and marketing strategies they planned for upcoming year has come to halt and have to again start from scratch. But not all have gone through this struggle. Even when the times are hard, it’s up to us how we make best use out of it and thus turning it to an opportunity. It is always up to you, if you want to just survive or to thrive through the existing situation.

No matter how hard times are, but the world hasn’t stopped yet, maybe the pace of the growth might have slowed down a bit but hasn’t reached stagnation. Major role played in this continuation of growth is by Digital and Online Marketing. Online Marketing has found best time for its growth and has ultimately tried to extract best out of the same. Digital Marketing has opened doors to many previously unexplored areas of work.
Firstly, it’s important to understand, what is Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing refers to any marketing which involves internet or electronic devices for its working. It has only online existence. SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc. all are categorized under it.

There’s a myth that Digital Marketing is only for developed or developing industries but it’s not so. It is equally accessible to all the sects of society, and if used smartly and wisely can generate high turnover. Online Marketing has paved way to huge number of small scale industries and business owners to explore a new range and spectrum of marketing. Online business is comparatively cheaper source of marketing itself. It has helped business owners to find right and much targeted audience for their product or services. It also helps to get an idea what people actually demand for. Online Marketing has brought about a revolution in overall marketing niche. Apart from this, education system has also evolved best of techniques to not let the education hamper anyhow under this pandemic.

This digital growth is not limited to materialistic goods and related industrial growth. Medical fraternity has tried to serve best of its services even under such hard times. This pandemic has not made people only suffer from well known wide spread virus, but a number of people suffering with chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases etc. have also suffered a lot due to face to face unavailability and accessibility to doctors around them since approaching doctor even for regular checkups wasn’t safe, but thanks to technology. This huge advancement in technology and Digital Marketing has made things easier not only for the patients but also for the doctors, pharmacies and other medical and paramedical staff. For entire medical fraternity, their patient’s health is their foremost priority and Digital Marketing made this happen like never before. A large number of medical consultation apps have raised the initiative of online consultation making it easier for the patient to discuss about their or their loved one’s medical condition with doctors as per their comfort either on call or through video calls.

Holy Basil Mediclinic has always tried to work for betterment of their patients and have always tried to pave all the possible ways to make it easier for the patients to approach doctors as and when required. A lot of patients have approached us for Online Consultation with our doctors through digital platforms to seek opinion on their health issues. For our long term patients, who have continued their medication for long from our clinic and who suffered from certain chronic diseases, have faced no issue at all for their consultation. They have been made available with our specialist being at home through call or video call. Apart from this, our pathology team collects blood sample for patients from their home itself, without threatening the health of the patients by taking all possible and required precautions, also the patient is not required to approach the hospital to pick up the reports. Technology has made it possible to directly send them the reports through e-mail without getting into any hustle.

Digital Marketing has played an important role in creating awareness among people regarding all the advancement and development technology has achieved meanwhile and thus have helped people all together to win over this pandemic without stagnating the growth and progress.