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Holy Basil Mediclinic: Extends Helping Hand During COVID-19 Lockdown

Thank God we are in the digital age! From children to grandparents almost everyone knows how to operate a mobile phone or a computer.  Nowadays, It is not something that is limited to techies only. Because it is important to be techno-savvy in order to reap the benefits of services while sitting at home.
Foreseeing the digital future, Dr. Sachin Verma laid the foundation of Holy Basil Mediclinic was  2017. Holy Basil through its App and Website is now offering Online Consultation, Online Pharmacy, Lab Test, Home Physiotherapy and Home Care/ Home Visit. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a nation-wide lockdown has been declared by the Government to control the spread of the virus. For some, this situation is looked at as a huge profit-making opportunity. While for some, it is the right time to serve the nation. Working on the idea of serving people at this time of the pandemic, Holy Basil has launched free services like FREE Online Consultation with Doctors, FREE Delivery of Medicines and FREE Sample Collection of Lab Tests. So that people are benefited while ensuring their safety at home. To avail of all the specified free services, they simply have to download the app. Apart from this, Holy Basil is also working hard to spread awareness on various platforms to help people fight against Coronavirus and to uplift their mood through the #LetsSpreadPositivity mission.

Holy Basil has done its part by extending a helping hand to needy, now it’s your turn to lend a hand to needy or poor people.