On Board Services


Holy Basil has been a pioneer in the healthcare for people in the shipping industry and has now integrated with a Digital and Artificial Intelligence company 'Matra' to form Holy Basil Plus (HB +). Holy Basil Plus offers a new concept in maritime health care. A comprehensive and proactive 24x7 medical support for seafarers manned by qualified DGS approved doctors. Booking an online consultation is an easy process which is accessible through an app or phone call.

Services offered include general illness, health monitoring, diabetes, weight management, and other ailments that can afflict seafarers while onboard the ship. Trained psychologists are available to manage mental health issues or provide emotional counselling and support.

High-performing ships with fit and healthy seafarers ensure greater efficiency and overall savings in healthcare expenses and premium payouts.HB+ is committed to a heathier workforce in the shipping industry through technology driven maritime healthcare.

The lead team members at HB Plus are DG Certified Doctors and Shipping Digital Technology experts. The digital team has been working in their careers of 20 plus years with the shipping industry on VHF, HF, Shore Satellite Communications, INMARSAT, VSAT, Cellular and now VOIP and Artificial Intelligence. They have been extensively involved with high quality global events like The Ocean Race.

"Anchored on Technology"

Holy Basil Plus is wired around the premise that seafarers or shore staff need a simple solution to stay fit anywhere or anyplace. Our technology enabled solutions ensure a seamless delivery of our expertise. It offers a comprehensive digital healthcare ecosystem making access, pristine care and counselling available 24 × 7.

Speialised for the needs of maritime

Tight and demanding onboard schedules don't permit adequate time for seafarers to engage in beneficial physical activity. Uncontrolled consumption of food can add to changes in sugar levels, weight gain or other related health issues. The mental health of the sailor is stretched with worries about home.

On board or on land

Homecoming brings happiness along with freedom. This often leads to excessive consumption of unhealthy foods leading to spikes in sugar, weight, triglycerides among other issues.

A healthier workforce

How can seafarers and shore staff be kept fit and healthy through the year? The Holy Basil Plus App is convenient and equipped to manage critical health issues that seafarers and shore staff possibly face. Sugar, weight, and mental health. Backed by technology, service and medical expertise at its best.

Setting on Sail

Healthcare standards that seafarers, shore staff and their families need:

  • Diet charts
  • Exercise schedules
  • 24 × 7 access to these consultants
  • Mental health cousellors
  • A.I. enabled app equipped with incisive content, blogs, videos, and reference data that a sailor could find useful.

Why Choose Us

  • A team of medical experts led by DG Shipping approved Doctor.
  • Digital team has vast knowledge of sea communication technology.
  • Customized device for remotely monitoring seafarers in real time.
  • Extensive experience in serving and managing seafarers.
  • Adequate trained manpower and infrastructure to cater to the needs of seafarers.
  • Every offering is epitome of digital technology and artificial intelligence amalgamated with empathetic medical care.

Monitoring Device For Seafarers



Holy Basil, a globally recognized provider of medical services to shipping and maritime industries has partnered with a brand known for its innovations in medical grade remote patient monitoring devices. The collaboration provides Holy Basil an opportunity to cater to the needs of shipping companies with ease. The device makes it possible to perform Real Time Patient Monitoring and Telemetry of multiple vital parameters with a single, durable and compact Bluetooth enabled wireless wearable monitor.

With skills and experience gained over the years we have the potential to handle medical emergencies at sea and treat ship personnel effectively.



  • Real Time wireless transmission of physiological information allows dynamic remote patient monitoring
  • Cableless connectivity
  • Wearable & Compact
  • Remotely Viewable on Wireless Devices
  • Doctors can view the physiological data of multiple patients in real time, present at different hospitals with the mobile app with just a few clicks.
  • The device is bluetooth / wifi enabled, it can be paired with smartphone/tablet to acquire and display real time view of all vital physiological parameters along with waveforms.